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Limited Drag Radial - Holley EFI Outlaw Street Car …

Limited Drag Radial is the newest radial class in the fold, beginning in January 2016, that has brought stock appearing cars packing big time horsepower together into one class with a strict rules set ... Подробнее

Limited Drag Radial: The ‘Working Man’s Radial Class ...

2019-6-20 · Lastly, racers may run on any 275/60/15 drag radial or 315/60/15 drag radial tire. This is the first year that Limited Drag Radial has been around. How did it get started? Jason Rueckert: ... Подробнее


2019-6-20 · NT05R DRAG RADIAL Tires by Nitto®. Season: Summer. Type: Performance, Track / Competition. This NT05R tire is a DOT-compliant competition drag radial tire built for drag racing ... Подробнее

NT05R D.O.T.-Compliant Competition Drag Radial Tire

Overview. The NT05R™ is a D.O.T.-compliant competition drag radial designed for serious drag racing enthusiasts. The tire's specialized race compound and large contact patch were engineered to provide ... Подробнее

Drag Tires | Drag Slicks - Coker Tire

The M&H Racemaster tire brand has deep roots in the drag racing world, and Coker Tire is your source for the longstanding tire brand. Despite its history, M&H also develops a number of modern drag ... Подробнее

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Hoosier Racing D.O.T Drag Radial Tires D06 Slick P275/60/R15 #17375Drag Racing Wheels strives to provide excellent customer service, the best deals and quickest shipping options on Hoosier D.O.T Drag ... Подробнее

Hook-Up Drag Radial Tire - Shinko Tires

Hook-Up Pro Drag Radial Tire. The ultimate DOT drag tire just got better. Introducing, the new Hook-Up Pro. All of the great features of the original... ... Подробнее

18 Whipple drag radial tire pressure for street pulls ...

2019-5-20 · I have a 2018 stage 1 whipple with 305/35/19 NT05R's. What tire pressure are people running for pulls on the street? I only need information pertaining to the street. I have viewed threads ... Подробнее

Drag Radial Tire Pressure | For A Bodies Only Mopar …

2019-4-16 · I run my Hoosier drag radial's (275/60-15) at 18lbs, 1.4x 60' times. I agree with 318, there must be something seriously wrong if you are spinning a drag radial with a 14-15 second car. I ... Подробнее

Drag Radials at Tire Rack

The D.O.T. Drag Radial 2 is Hoosier's redesigned Drag Racing Radial tire developed for drag racers that compete in sanctioned events at local strips. D.O.T. Drag Radials feature Hoosier's ... Подробнее

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Ruian Dongxinda Autoparts Co., Ltd: Ошибка дешевого и хорошего качества масляного поддона, опоры двигателя, термостата и крышки клапана для автомобилей разных типов (Audi, VW, Benz и т. Д.) Лучшая ... Подробнее

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Как китайский лидер в технологии Краска Бут BTD предоставляют различные индивидуальные проекты и решения для автомобильной, аэрокосмической, большой оборудование отраслей и коммерческие спрей стенд ... Подробнее

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Sol-Millennium является одним из крупнейших производителей и поставщиков плесени в Китае. Наша фабрика предоставляет дешевые продукты для продажи. Пожалуйста, будьте уверены, чтобы купить ... Подробнее